The Hidden Message Behind the Story – Guest post by Kristy Centeno

Enchanter Cover


Though Enchanter is a work of complete fiction speckled with a paranormal background and a hint of romance, there is an underline message that I address briefly through the first few chapters of my novel.

Bullying is a subject most people avoid talking about, but truth of the matter is that this behavior is part of today’s society and is growing day by day. It’s hard to even imagine that small children (second and third graders) begin this behavior at such a young age and even harder to think about what happens when this unfortunate conduct escalades. We have all heard stories about children committing suicide over this and as parents we should get involved in our children’s lives when it comes to their school, social media network, and friends. Getting involved is not the same thing as being nosey and although our children might not appreciate the interference; in the long run it will be better for them.

Children go to school to learn and they shouldn’t be subjugated to daily emotional torture or victimized by their peers. Although the main character in my novel eventually outgrew and out powered his tormentors, in real life that is not always the case. Though Brandon, the male lead in Enchanter, dealt with the constant abuse by ignoring his bullies, Leah, the female lead, witnessed what was going on and she decided not to do anything about it for fear of repercussions. This happens a lot out there. Many witness the abuse and whether over fear, uncertainty, or simple uncaringness decide not to do anything about it.

Please parents, educate your children. Talk to them about what they should do in case of being victims of bullying. Help them as best as possible and remember that open communication with your children helps.

As a mother of four I know how hard it is to be a friend to my kids, but I am there mother first and foremost. It’s my job to educate, care, and protect them. We all lead busy lives and sometimes we forget to sit down and unwind, but a few minutes of conversation will make a difference. After all, what better person is there for kids to trust and talk to than their parents?

Let’s unite and stop bullying once and for all!


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